Monday, January 31, 2011

DEsiGN thEOry BLogPOst no 8

The other day we watch one of the of episode of “The Genius of Design” No 3 " Blueprints of the War". This episode is about the design developed under the second world war han how it affected the design development and manufacturing after the war wich was a very intresting subject... ;)

The war pressured the desing by taking new directions by designing and manufaturing fast and with cheap materials. Take guns for example, since germany was the main brain of the world war they had produces a lot of weapons before the war started. Since Hitler had a high aesthetics coming to design, germanys  wapon was first class compeard to BG third class guns with had to keep the cost down with resaulted in  less quality of design and use. The thanks for instant, for a luxury item under the war with big guns and solid shell for protection. Also here germany had first class tanks sompeard with the other countries in the was. an example of this is the Tiger Tank 313 which was powerful and the best of the best.  Russia and the US also design a tank,like T34. this tank was mass produced. germany focused on qulity while The US and Russia went for the massproduction.

Another design feature from the war periode was Volkswagen Beetle with form and function. this car was about quality and it is probably therefore it is one of te most successful cars in the world. ( GOOGLE IT AND SEE HOW SEXY IT IS ;))

The most famous Submarine guns from the Second World War were the Sten Gun (1940) and the Mark 2 & 3. The Sten Guns was all punched and fabricated, but it was not simple enough and the development of simplifying the gun resulted in the submarine gun, Mark 2. Mark 2 is a manufactured flat-pack gun that did exactly what it was suppose to, with a very smart design for war. This types of guns were produced in toy factories around Britain during the war.

The Lounge Chair wood by Charles and Ray Earnes was a design furniture for the post-war world, it was also design as an experience to bend wood. the result become a success! The Leg-Splint by Charles and Ray Earnes is also a design made of 3d plywood and were designed to help war victims to support and stabilize the whole leg that has been injured. over 100 000 leg-splint were made for the US Navy after the war.