Thursday, October 28, 2010

DEsiGN THeoRY BLogPOst 1 :The big Q of the week : Ideology...

Ideology: the branch of philosophy or psychology dealing with the origin and nature of ideas.
It typically pertains to a system of ideas or a way of thinking pertaining to a class or individual, especially as a basis of some theory or system, regarded as justifying actions and to be maintained irrespective of events.

So what was my Ideology behind the projct in Dolphins Barn?

When the buildings in Dolphins barn still were young, they were nice and new, but along the way to precent day they faded away in the background.  My concept for the Dolphins Barn Project was boxes "that came out or exploded out" from the building. First thought behind it was to make the building more Noticeable, that people could see something was happening with it. Chosen material to the boxes was glass, to make them more intresting and to mak people curious on what was going on. Second thought behind it was that each box symbolized each person living inside the box was their own induvidual that wanted to come out as a stronger person. So in the end small boxes came to gether and ended up as a big box.

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