Friday, December 10, 2010

DEsign TheoRY BLogPOst No 6

Living throuhg chemstry!

Plastic - the big postWar material. Plastick is rock'N'roll

From war time industry to consumer market. Tupperwear was a genius designer, he designd plastic stuff to everyday use. Braun was a new brans to the market and came from shaver to radios. the firsl musicplayer came in the end of the 50's- Dieter who designed this music player thought that form should follow functions. 

Johnatan IVe is another GENIUS degsinger are behind the brand we know today as apple. 

Margaret calvert the designers of signs. you know them today as the signs that pop up in the traffic while your driving and gives u information on where to go and where to turn.

good design is fit for everybody- low cost 

 what does the market what? use the imagination and ---- instead of market analysis,

Verner panton. seven years of developing the s shair and finding the right material before it came out to the shops and the consumer market. single form products. The first chair with no legs. berner though is change were u sit would change how u looked at the world?

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