Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DEsigNTHeoryBLogPOst No 2

How do we talk about design?

Every week our teacher post a question on her blog that we have to answer. This week the assginment was to  post pictures that illustrates the design prinicipals and elements. Here my pictures that I have choosen  whit short information of what it illustrates and why.



1: for me this picture illustrate shapes, value. 2: this picture illuatrates lines (you see them diving the floors) emphasis, proportion  and unity.
3: this picture for me illustrates colors, cause the diffrent colors are used in diffrent areas to incicate someting and are and contrast to the floors and the walls. 4: This picture illustrates moveable lines, rythm, textures and rythm. you can see shapes that are repeated in the shelving system. 5: this illustrates space.
Ps. with pictures i means the object in the picture like buildings, interior and architectural features.

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