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Design Theory Blog Post No.3 + 4 !!

LAst WEek IN DEsign THeory WE WAtched A MOvie IN THe CLass.. ACtually WE WAtched TWo.. THe FIrst ONe WAs "THe GEnius OF DEsign – THe GHost WIthin THe MAchine” ANd THe OTher ONe WAs "DEsign FOr LIving". SO I GUess YOu KNow WHat THis POst IS ALl ABout... A SUmmary OF TWo BRilliant MOvies THat EVryone WHo IS CReative ANd CReate STuff, LIke DEsign ANd ARchitecture, SHould WAtch.. 

suMMARY of " thE geNIUS of deSIGN - thE ghOST wiTHIN thE maCHINE"
WHat does it MEAN to be aDESIGNER?? The movie gave a historic summary of the designindustry from today and back to the start of Industrial revolution.  How man made things got replace with fabrication and mass-production and quantity before quality.
GOod DEsign IS HOnest DEsign! In the movie we met many designers and how their role was to create stuff that people need, even when they dont know they need it just by adding features of inventions. The Buyers today want choices, economic products and Quality - Simplicity -Innovative - Usefulness - Enviroment Friendly ETC. Designers today are always caught up with consumerism, global warming, capitalism – and how to make a life cycle of a product. Dieter Rams : "good design makes a product useful and that designers are not only inventors, but also engineers and artists. For designers, problems are made to be solved– something can Always get better". Henry Ford - A smaRt man Who ACCedently made the whole consumer market. In 1915 he designed the ford T model. The car that turned in to a must have for some people. After he had sold his carmodels he went back to the drawings to rethink and redraw his car and ended up with "a new model" wich also was a must have for some people and thats how it started, cause people wanted the newest and coolest on the market, also people that had a car from the year before and thats how it started. He made people that didnt want it - Want it by creating new models - comsumering - new -old - throw - new etc. the circle that makes a living for the designers.

suMMARY of "deSIGN foR liVING"
This movie was all about the design and Architecture from one of the most important periods in History : the 20's and 30's. Like all the others periods of history and design this periode made a big inpact on design and thinking and consuming - fashion - replace etc.   In 1919 a school/centre was built were people could think NEW. Today this centre of new thinking is better know as Bauhaus were they was bringing together groups of diseplins to see what could come out of this by DEsign. It was the new vision of the 20's. In the movie a vise man said that the Chair is the most difficult and challeing to design cause thats like a small piece of architecture! Unfurtuantly the Chairs designed in that periode was more like a decorative chair then a useable chair, since it's not verry comfy to sit in. The biggest enemy to "BAuhaus" was ARt NOveu also known as a german expression :  JUgend! This style was a decorative design and architecture style with alot of curves, ornaments, overdecoration and no symmetry and A BIG CONTRAST to the bauhaus "style" Other Important things that were shown in this little movie was the birth of todays modern kitchen wich started as a massproduced kitchen that was cold and had a feeling of factory. some people from that time also connected the kitchen to ailiens. Based on this fitted kitchen with system and organised cooking the famous Architect le corbusier Design a house with smart solution, witch today, looks like a modern ikea home. le corbusier was a systematick freak had a vision of everybody should live small tiny and easy. He wanted to "clean up the messy Architecture" existing. Other Important design from that periode is the ergonomic moveable desk lamp wich was just more like a accident than an design attempt. COOl! it just happend and the reason for that is: when your doing or designing or not, when you come to a certain point and things just look right you know they ARE!

In this periode of time there was a diffrence between european designers and american designer. American designed to sell and did not concered to much of the user like the european guys. An American Designer started to look at the users with new eyes and ears and the designing in america changed-- BAsicALLY: When you make something, make it relevant for people- Design IS IMPortANT. The relationship between People and Things is ImporTAnt. Look at the people and see how they use it. The verdict of DESIGN TODAY lies in the hands of the USERS! 

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